A Street Racer and Car Thief Causes a Serious Accident in Riverside- April 22, 2013

shutterstock_12185338On April 22, 2013, a car thief, driving a 2008 Mustang may have been racing another car when the Mustang was racing along Magnolia Avenue when the car crashed into a Chevrolet Malibu with a 5 year old girl in the back seat in a car seat. The impact hit the left side of the Malibu critically injuring the child within the Malibu. After the accident the driver of the stolen Mustang ran away and the other street racer drove away. Both were being sought on the day of the accident.

So what rights do injury victims have in situations like this Riverside car accident where the car is stolen and/or the driver runs off and cannot be found? First, while you have “legal” rights against the driver if he is found, the problem is he probably has no money or assets and you will most likely not recover a dime. You can’t turn to the insurance coverage for the stolen car because insurance does not cover injuries caused by someone who has taken a car without permission. So your only real source of insurance would be your own uninsured motorist insurance coverage.

First, you must have purchased this type of insurance coverage before the accident. After the accident, you have to establish that the other driver was not insured. You do this first by using the police report to show that the car was stolen or to see if there is any indication that an insurance policy was in place. Next, if there was an insurance carrier for the stolen car, you need to make sure that company has denied coverage under the policy applicable to the car. With this information you can then proceed to work with your uninsured motorist insurance carrier to establish a claim and get your damages paid for. Sounds complicated? It could be. However, with the right lawyer handling your case, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of the claim, rather, you are able to focus on your recovery from your injuries.

The piece of mind which comes knowing you have the right attorney and right legal team on your side is beneficial to a full recovery from your accident. The David H. Ricks and the Inland Empire Law Group is a personal injury law firm that can provide piece of mind and serious legal knowledge and trial capabilities to your personal injury claim. Give us a call at 909-481-0100, or come visit with us if you need help after an accident.


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I have been a practicing attorney in the Inland Empire in California since 1987. Having grown up in Claremont and Upland, now being a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, I have grown to love our communities of the Inland Empire. My goal is to provide the best legal services I can to those who live and work in the Inland Empire communities. I also seek to provide back to the community through voluntary service and support for local organizations and charities. I run a law practice in Rancho Cucamonga by the trade name, Inland Empire Law Group. This practice focuses on representing injured victims from the negligence of others. I also operate David H. Ricks & Associates, the litigation arm of my business that handles all injury litigation, business litigation, construction litigation, and real estate disputes. My websites include www.davidrickslaw.com, www.inlandempirelawgroup.com and www.ricksassociates.com

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