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Protect Yourself From Holiday Roadway Accidents

shutterstock_2688775Holiday accidents are especially tragic.  During the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, there is so much hope and happiness with families gathering and friends celebrating their blessings, the prosperity of the past year, the memory of good times and relationships and the hope of a new year and a brighter future.  These joyous times can be shattered in a moment from an auto accident.  Maybe, a child is traveling from school and she falls asleep at the wheel following a grueling finals week and suffers a serious or fatal accident.   There could be a drunk driver leaving a party or a bar and he blows through a red light killing a family coming back from a holiday party.  An early afternoon rain floods the freeway and someone doesn’t slow down to adjust for the dangerous conditions causing his car to hydroplane and strike the small car of a husband and father returning home early from work for a holiday gathering.

While these events sound horrible, they happen every year during the holiday season.  In a recent article in the Daily Bulletin, writer Beatriz E. Valenzuela identified that 31 people died during the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday weekend in California alone.  These car accidents occurred from 6:00 p.m. Wednesday night prior to Thanksgiving to midnight on the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  The year before, 32 people lost their lives during the same period of time.

Some of these accidents were not from the negligence of another, while many others were caused by a negligent or drunk driver.  Some accidents may have also been from fatigued driving.  Fatigued driving can be just as deadly as driving while intoxicated.  No matter how these accidents occurred, they resulted in 31 deaths in the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday season.  More than 31 families suffered during that time instead of celebrating the season.

With Christmas and New Years 2012/2013 upon us, I encourage everyone to take extra care in driving to and from your holiday parties and events.  If friends and family need rides from their parties because they have had too much to drink, a small expense for a taxi cab is a better solution than trying to pick up the pieces of shattered lives from a car accident and fatality due to drunk driving.

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