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Bicycle Accident Rancho Cucamonga | Lawyer Discusses Personal Injury

Bike LaneBicycle accidents can be extremely serious when they involve an impact with a car.  Even with all the required protective gear, a car collision with a bicycle will seldom end well for the bicyclist.  Years ago, a friend of mine was casually riding her bike when she was struck and killed by a car that had veered into the back of her bike.  She was thrown from the bike and upon impact with the ground was killed.  This accident left a widowed husband and motherless children behind.

I read about another car vs. bicycle accident in Rancho Cucamonga, California involving a boy who was seriously injured on March 13, 2012.  The article had no details about how the accident occurred.  When I read about this bicycle accident, memories of my friend and her death came flooding back.  For those involved in bicycle accidents, and for their families, often many questions ultimately arise.  “How are we going to pay for the medical bills?”  “How are we going to survive without an income?”  “Who is responsible for my losses?”  These questions have answers, but sometimes, the answers are not always what we want, or are not easy to come by.

To find answers to these questions, consulting a personal injury lawyer may be your best option.  Taking advantage of a free consultation can help you start the process of evaluating your options and find answers to your questions.  Meeting with a local bike accident attorney will help you  determine if need to hire an attorney.


Bicyclists, cars and booze don’t mix

This image is not realted to the accidnet.

This image has no realtionship to the accident.

The recent loss of life of Grant Nelson in Rancho Cucamonga as a result of a drunk driver is horrific. The impact this accident has had, and will have, on the Nelson family, Grant’s classmates and the community is significant. My son shared with me that Grant attended his school. He observed Grant’s teacher and friends mourning his loss.

Unfortunately, there are too many drivers on the road at all hours of the day that get behind the wheel of their car when they should never even enter a vehicle, except as a passenger. I have handled cases where a driver was so intoxicated that he ran into the back of a vehicle and never realized he was not in the turning lane where he intended to go. Another case involves a woman that ran into the back of a motorcyclist while traveling on Baseline. These are just a few instances when peoples’ lives were changed and affected by the insensitive and selfish acts of drunk drivers.

The tragic reality is that nothing we do in the legal system that will ever ease the loss and damages suffered by the individuals and families as a result of drunk drivers. Personal injury lawyers can only assist in making the driver and his/her insurance company responsible to the injured victim(s). To some degree there is emotional relief, to another degree it is a hollow victory.

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