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Motorcycle accidents with cars are often serious, if not fatal. In Old Town Victorville, in the early morning hours of May 8, 2012, a minivan driven by Chris Hunter apparently made a left turn in front of a motorcycle driven by 47 year old Michael Johnson from Apple Valley. Despite Mr. Johnson’s best efforts he was unable avoid the accident before he struck the side of the van and was thrown from the motorcycle. This momentary lapse of attention, resulted in Michael Johnson’s death. The Victorville Daily Press provides additional details.

Unfortunately, I have seen this same type of accident on several occasions. Two that immediately come to mind involve two dedicated fathers of young children.  A client’s husband and father was traveling home from work in Riverside, California when an inattentive elderly man made a left turn in to a shopping center parking lot. The motorcyclist was killed instantly upon impact. In another instance, a single father of three young girls was on his way to work in Orange County, when a car attempted to pull out across traffic, but in doing so, failed to see the motorcycle rider coming towards her only a few feet way. He too lost his life in the accident.

No matter how safely a motorcyclist rides his or her motorcycle, there is no control over the inattentive motorist. Most motorist, whether they are driving a car, truck or van, aren’t carefully looking for a motorcycle on the road.  The use of cell phones while driving has increased the risk of injury to motorcyclist even further because the driver has split attention to the phone and the roadway.  Regarding accidents, many motorcyclists say, that it is not a matter of if they get in an accident, it is a matter of when. There is also a bumper sticker and campaign going around to make motorists aware of motorcyclists, it states: “Look Twice, Save a Life.”

If you or a loved one has been affected by an accident involving a motorcycle accident, you need to consult with an attorney to see if there is anything that can be done to help you pick up the financial pieces you have been left with from this type of collision.  For those who have lost their lives or have been injured in motorcycle accidents, my heart goes out to you and your families. For the motorists on the road way, live by the motto: “LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE.”

If you are involved in an accident, or witness an accident, help preserve the facts of the accident by using your smartphone.  See this video on how to do that. 

If you want more information on how to handle your Victorville, Apple Valley or High Desert motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney.


Several Lives Claimed from Inland Empire Accidents

In two days, April 29 and April 30, 2012, I read about four traffic accidents causing four deaths in the process.  I found this tragic loss of life terribly disturbing. Looking at each of the accidents, the mechanics of these accidents were so different from each other.  Look to see what I mean.

1. April 29, 2012:   Fontana, California.  A 25 year old pedestrian walking west on Citrus Avenue, near the intersection with Jackson Street, lost his life after being struck by 2006 Ford van traveling north on Citrus.

2. April 30, 2012: San Gabriel, California.  A man was killed while walking along San Gabriel Boulevard north of Sheffield in an area that was extremely dark.  The driver of the vehicle, Michael Munoz, that struck the pedestrian, Zhong Yi Cheng, apparently did not see the pedestrian due to the area being so dark.  There was also some concern that the intersection was not properly marked or did not have proper stop signs.

3. April 30, 2012: Barstow, California.  A 24 year old woman from Fort Irwin was killed in a head on collision along Fort Irwin Road, south of Kolath Road.  The car within which she was traveling apparently crossed into on coming traffic and collided with a 1996 Honda.  The driver of the Honda, Diore Trammell of Apple Valley suffered major injuries in the accident.

4. April 29, 2012: Angeles Crest Highway.  Two motorcycles were in an accident which resulted in the death of Junior Estuardo Quic-Ortiz, 30 years old.  Mr. Ortiz apparently lost control of his motorcycle, was thrown off the motorcycle and then he struck a second motorcycle which was traveling eastbound.  The other motorcycle rider, Patrick Ramirez of San Dimas, was also injured in the accident when he was thrown from his motorcycle.

While not all this terrible accidents result in wrongful death claims, the tragedy remains with the loss of these young lives.  For those who were injured in the accident may have claims of their own against the insurance companies that may have provided insurance coverage for this type of accident.

If any person has been involved in an accident, they should always consult an attorney to verify their rights for recovery to pay for the medical expenses, loss of earnings, property damage and pain and suffering damages.  The Inland Empire Law Group is centrally located to handle cases in Fontana, Barstow, San Gabriel or anywhere along the Inland Empire highways and roadways.

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The Press Enterprise reported a traffic accident at the intersection of Iris Avenue and Oliver Street in the City of Moreno Valley.  The accident occurred on Saturday April 28, 2012.  The report further stated that a Mitsubishi Montero broadsided a smaller Honda Civic.  The passenger in the Honda suffered major head trauma injuries.  The drivers of the two vehicles suffered lesser injuries.  The police were looking for information regarding the accident.

Intersection accidents like this Moreno Valley traffic accident, often become complicated when the driver that caused the accident claims the he or she had the right-of-way to enter the intersection.  I recently resolved a disputed accident where both drivers claimed they each had the green light when they entered the intersection.  This can happen even when the traffic signals are not operating properly.  When both drivers claim they have a green light to enter the intersection, an independent witness to the accident is very helpful to establish proper liability.  Often the police discount the testimony of witnesses in the cars because of their natural bias.

More recently, insurance companies are claiming that they must take the side of their insured’s story even though that story has no corroboration.  This results in a very frustrating claim process.  Hiring a good Inland Empire personal injury attorney to help establish liability for the proper recovery of damages suffered in an intersection collision case is vital to get the best financial result.

For those involved in car wrecks in Moreno Valley, Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale or Mira Loma or any other Inland Valley city, the Inland Empire Law Group is excellently situated in Rancho Cucamonga to handle intersection accident and the resulting personal injury claims from those accidents.



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