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Inland Empire automobile accidents cause injury victims

shutterstock_50365648I recently viewed a Google Alert and a local paper blog that showed a number of automobile accidents in the Inland Empire. Specifically, there were accidents in Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Upland and other cities. In most of these cases there were injuries to the occupants of those vehicles. I thought of the impact those traffic accidents will have on the injured driver and passengers. I thought of the fact that while the accident was only a moment in time, the affects of that impact would be felt for weeks, months or even years. I also thought about how the insurance companies are going to deal with these accident victims. They will engage their trained adjusters to ask questions and explore how they can reduce the amount they have to pay for this injury claim. So often, accident victims are victimized twice. Once in the accident and then again in the claims settlement procedure.

To avoid being victimized twice, an injury victim, whether from a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite or some other cause, that person should consult an experience personal injury attorney. Having a trained, experienced and competent lawyer working for you helps in so many ways. These might include:

Peace of mind to know you have someone fighting for you and your rights.
Guidance in finding proper medical care when you do not have insurance or know where to go.
Preventing the insurance adjuster from putting pressure on you to settle when you are not ready.
Knowing you have someone that knows how to evaluate your case and secure a good recovery.
Having someone there to comfort you and assure you that things will be all right.

The reason I started this blog is to help injury victims know that there are many good lawyers and people out there ready to help when that time comes that when you need a lawyer to protect your rights.

If you have a story to tell regarding your accident, or your experience with an insurance company, share it with me and others. While we can not always prevent accidents, we can prevent being a victim twice.

David H. Ricks set up the Inland Empire Law Group to exclusively help accident victims. The idea was to provide something better than being a number on a board. Personalized attention is the hallmark of the Inland Empire Law Group. Check out David Ricks and the Inland Empire Law Group at and Or call for an initial consulation at (909) 481-0100. When you contact our office, ask for your free Glove Box Accident Information Guide. This Guide will help you gather all the information you need after an accident to give you the upper hand in your accident claim.


Bicyclists, cars and booze don’t mix

This image is not realted to the accidnet.

This image has no realtionship to the accident.

The recent loss of life of Grant Nelson in Rancho Cucamonga as a result of a drunk driver is horrific. The impact this accident has had, and will have, on the Nelson family, Grant’s classmates and the community is significant. My son shared with me that Grant attended his school. He observed Grant’s teacher and friends mourning his loss.

Unfortunately, there are too many drivers on the road at all hours of the day that get behind the wheel of their car when they should never even enter a vehicle, except as a passenger. I have handled cases where a driver was so intoxicated that he ran into the back of a vehicle and never realized he was not in the turning lane where he intended to go. Another case involves a woman that ran into the back of a motorcyclist while traveling on Baseline. These are just a few instances when peoples’ lives were changed and affected by the insensitive and selfish acts of drunk drivers.

The tragic reality is that nothing we do in the legal system that will ever ease the loss and damages suffered by the individuals and families as a result of drunk drivers. Personal injury lawyers can only assist in making the driver and his/her insurance company responsible to the injured victim(s). To some degree there is emotional relief, to another degree it is a hollow victory.

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