Stop the Closure of the Rancho Cucamonga Civil and Family Law Courts!

The attorneys of the West Valley of the Inland Empire are fighting hard to protect the rights of the citizens of the Inland Empire.  It was announced by the San Bernardino County Presiding Judge that the Superior Court in Rancho Cucamonga will no longer provide civil and family law services as of May 2014.  This move will deprive so many people of their access to local courts, protections from domestic abuse through easy access to the courts, lower cost legal services, etc.  It is so important that anyone affected by this move, speak up and demand an alternative solution to the problem.  Those who will be affected include everyone in the Inland Empire.  We have already seen Victorville lose its civil division, as well as the closure of courts throughout the County of San Bernardino.  Many citizens now have to drive hundreds of miles to reach a court for the simpliest matters.  Read the Daily Bulletin article for more information on the issue.  If you have a position on the court closures, raise it here.  Let your voice be heard to stop the deprivation of your legal rights.   Then share this with your friends and neighbors.  Unless we voice our concerns our rights will be lost.


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About dhratty

I have been a practicing attorney in the Inland Empire in California since 1987. Having grown up in Claremont and Upland, now being a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, I have grown to love our communities of the Inland Empire. My goal is to provide the best legal services I can to those who live and work in the Inland Empire communities. I also seek to provide back to the community through voluntary service and support for local organizations and charities. I run a law practice in Rancho Cucamonga by the trade name, Inland Empire Law Group. This practice focuses on representing injured victims from the negligence of others. I also operate David H. Ricks & Associates, the litigation arm of my business that handles all injury litigation, business litigation, construction litigation, and real estate disputes. My websites include, and

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