210 Freeway Accident Kills Two, Wrecks 11 vehicles

shutterstock_1586063November 18, 2010. California State Highway 210. Upland, California Fatal Traffic Accident. Around 6:00 p.m., the CHP reported eleven vehicles, including a semi-truck and cars, were involved in a fatal collision on the eastbound 210 Freeway. The truck was on fire and several of the vehicles were fully engulfed in flames. The entire freeway was shut down, the eastbound onramps at Upland and Claremont were closed and traffic was rerouted. Several vehicles were towed from the scene, investigation and clean-up of the freeway and debris continued into the night.

The information currently available regarding the cause of the accident is that the semi-truck did not see stopped traffic and struck the rear of a pick-up truck causing an explosion.

The Inland Empire Law Group expresses its deepest condolences to the families and individuals involved in this horrible accident. Accidents such as this one change peoples’ lives. After the initial shock, many key decisions will need to be made to help the families and individuals recover physically and financially from the losses suffered from this accident.

Some of those key decisions will be how to address medical or funeral expenses, lost earnings and how to prevent serious financial hardship. Dealing with the emotional trauma from the acciden or from the losses. Unfortunately, there will be issues of fault finding and trying to get culpable parties, their insurance companies or employers to pay for the losses. Then there will be the issue of selecting an attorney to help the families through these difficult times. Beware of the attorneys that approach you first. They are violating the code of ethincs and may be violating the law. These attorneys are not the ones that should be hired.

David H. Ricks of the Inland Empire Law Group, a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, understands how to help injured victims or the surviving families of accident victims to recover financially and can help direct them to care if none is available. We wish a speedy recovery for those injured and the blessings of God upon the families involved.


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I have been a practicing attorney in the Inland Empire in California since 1987. Having grown up in Claremont and Upland, now being a resident of Rancho Cucamonga, I have grown to love our communities of the Inland Empire. My goal is to provide the best legal services I can to those who live and work in the Inland Empire communities. I also seek to provide back to the community through voluntary service and support for local organizations and charities. I run a law practice in Rancho Cucamonga by the trade name, Inland Empire Law Group. This practice focuses on representing injured victims from the negligence of others. I also operate David H. Ricks & Associates, the litigation arm of my business that handles all injury litigation, business litigation, construction litigation, and real estate disputes. My websites include www.davidrickslaw.com, www.inlandempirelawgroup.com and www.ricksassociates.com

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